The House

Common Spaces.



Typology of the house:







Common spaces: 





2 double beds

1 sofa bed





External porch, living room, kitchen 

The Entrance
The Entrance

The Living Room
The Living Room

The Patio
The Patio

The Entrance
The Entrance


The Staff

We are a warm Cuban family who waits with open arms . A team committed for you to receive the best care and feel at home. We know the needs and demands of travelers and so we are committed to provide the best experience in Havana.


Sonmy: Special host , owner and administrator.


Maria: Cooks with the best Cuban recipies.


Malbis: Always ready to organize your room.


Leo: Will take you to the most charming places in Havana . ( Additional service)

Diosdado:  Always attentive hotel security 


and below... Pirata :It is joy, faithful friend and special company .

Facilities and helpful suggestions.

Normally, the stay of tourists in Havana doesn’t  exceed 3 or 4 days. Movements in Havana are easy, due to  the presence of taxis and public transport. The trip in  Cuba, however, often continues  with tours outside the city, sometimes of many days. In this case, in won’t be easy at all to find, in the  car rental agencies, cars with satisfactory cheapness,  comfort and safety requirements. We suggest in that case, to rather  consider  the option  of a car with  driver, which won’t cost a lot more, and will have the advantage to take you wherever you want without problems. Alturas de Miramar will do its best  to help you booking experienced, kind and responsible drivers,  provided with good transportation. This won’t be  always  possible, but it helps if client lets us know in advance his wishes and itinerary.

Often  travelers,  before going back to their country, are wishing to spend again last night in  Havana. It’s not always possible to return to our house, because of other bookings. In this case, If asked on time, we will work to find for you another accommodation, the more close as possible to the standards of Alturas de Miramar.

It will be a pleasure for us to recommend restaurants, cultural attractions and entertainment, we feel more suitable for you.

We wish and expect to meet you  soon, here in Cuba!